Reduce the Risk of Regulatory Fines by 89% with Artificial Intelligence.

Banks are drowning under a tsunami of regulations.

For example, a breach of the new EU-Directive PRIIP-KID can result in a fine of up to EUR 5,000,000. For each trade!

The result? In order to deal with thousands of trades, banks need more efficient and effective compliance.

The solution? Machine learning algorithms (belongs to the family of artificial intelligence) can learn from data and flag potentially non-compliant trades. In the case of PRIIP-KIDs, the machine learning algorithm achieves a true positive rate of 89%. In other words, the algorithm catches non-compliant trades faster and more accurate than any human.

We offer consultation/programming for:

  • – PRIIP-KIDs for derivatives and structured products
  • – Market abuse
  • – Fraud detection
  • – Money-laundering