How to Turn a PRIIP-KID in 1 Second into a Term-Sheet?

This is going to blow you away:

In the PRIIP-KIDs world,  forget term-sheets at the beginning of the conversation. It’s all about KID’s:

– For a new structured product, the customer needs a KID immediately.
– Customer wants a lower barrier. You need to create a revised KID on the fly.
– Customer needs a higher coupon. You need to create a revised KID on the fly.

Great, the customer traded with you.

But, you have dealt only with the KID so far. All trade details are in the KID …. but you don’t have a term-sheet!

Do you have to write a new term-sheet from scratch? No! That’s a waste of valuable time.

With the DerivativesTech software, you click on “Convert KID to Term-Sheet” – and in 1 second, you have your term-sheet.


The new PRIIP-KID regulation is going to change the way structured products and derivatives are sold. Why? Primarily it’s speed and automation.

You need speed to create and edit KID’s on the fly.
You need automation wherever possible.

In the PRIIP-KID environment, you’re either fast or last.




Aleksandar Puskas, Managing Partner
Born in Serbia. He has over 20 years’ experience in software development and is credited for creating the world’s first mobile app ad scraper for social media.
Franco Arda, Managing Partner
Born in Switzerland. After taking his MBA, he ran structured product sales teams for Deutsche Bank in London, Zurich and Hong Kong. Afterwards, he co-founded a software company in Silicon Valley.


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