PRIIPs Amendment: The Stress Scenario

Based on the EU commissions proposed amendment, this is how the PRIIPs STRESS SCENARIO might look like in a KID: If interested, here’s the revised European commission (only 9 pages) document. The new stressed scenario is calibrated to a value of extreme volatility and to an extreme percentile. The new stressed scenario is calculated using a


How to Turn a PRIIP-KID in 1 Second into a Term-Sheet?

This is going to blow you away: In the PRIIP-KIDs world,  forget term-sheets at the beginning of the conversation. It’s all about KID’s: – For a new structured product, the customer needs a KID immediately. – Customer wants a lower barrier. You need to create a revised KID on the fly. – Customer needs a higher


Finally, it’s official: PRIIP-KIDs are delayed for 12 months

Finally, it’s official: PRIIP-KID’s are delayed for 12 months or 31/12/2017. What’s next? EMSA has to deliver in the next 6 weeks a revised RTS (risk analytics) to the EU Commission. The revised RTS is expected to be in Q1/Q2 in 2017. What should you do? – choose your process (internal or external) by Q1


The Fastest PRIIP-KID Software for Derivatives Sales?

“In the PRIIP-KIDs world, there’s only fast or last” Franco Arda, CEO

Next Date for PRIIP-KIDs: 22 November 2016

The European Commission (EC) will wait until 22 November to discuss whether to delay the introduction of controversial PRIIPs regulation, just over a month ahead of its official implementation date. The move, announced in the Commission’s agenda has been widely anticipated by the industry since the European parliament rejected the regulatory technical standards (RTS) for PRIIPs


PRIIP-KIDs: An Update in 30 Seconds

After the EU Parliament’s rejection of the original RTS (PRIIP-KIDs Level 2) we are awaiting the EU Commissions decision …. We at DerivativesTech believe, that the PRIIP-KIDs will be delayed to 1 July 2017. Everything else doesn’t make sense in our view. January 2017 is too early while January 2018 clashes with MiFiD 2. The