White Paper: The Three Game Changers in Banking

Banks that want to be successful in the next 5 – 10, need to adopt FinTech ideas – today. This white paper covers the biggest three game changers. Those game changers that have an asymmetrical effect on the bank’s revenues. Download link (here).

UPDATE | PRIIPS RTS rejected by EU parliament’s plenary

Email from the German Derivatives Association Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, das Europäische Parlament hat heute die von der EU-Kommission vorgelegten PRIIPs-RTS zurückgewiesen. Dies bedeutet aber noch nicht die Verschiebung von PRIIPs, zu der noch weiter Schritte notwendig wären, insbesondere eine entsprechende Initiative der bis dato unwilligen EU-Kommission. Einzelheiten entnehmen Sie bitte der nachfolgenden Zusammenfassung



#1: Sales people need to be able to focus on selling, not documenting KID’s. As a KID must be presented to a retail customer immediately, speed is paramount. #2: In numbers, it should take you not more than 60 seconds to create a complete new KID. That’s 60 seconds from selecting a product type, to entering


Avoid the following 5 mistakes with KID’s for Structured Product

#1: Did you know that your KID’s need real-time prices? That’s completely new: KID’s need to include real-time prices of the corresponding underlyings AND the structured product. So your KID’s need to be fed prices daily. You don’t want to display a product price of 100% – 101% if in fact, it’s 98%-99%. #2: Speed:


12 Things You Must Know about KID’s for Structured Products

What is a PRIIP-KID? Starting on 1/1/2017, MiFiD requires banks in the EU to present a retail customer with a KID (Key Investor Document). It’s a standardized, 3 page long description of the product in plain language. When do I have to show the customer the KID? Immediately. Is the PRIIP-KID similar to a PIB